Bulldog Family,

I find it hard to describe the sentiment I feel as I look back on my six years at Palm View Elementary School. I feel privileged be have been not only your Assistant Principal for the first two years, but your Principal for the last four. It seems like only yesterday that I first meet our promoting Sixth Grade students when they were still First Graders. Since that time my relationship with Palm View students, faculty, and parents has evolved from one of expectancy, apprehension and hope to an interwoven school community who share the common goal of growth through learning, team work, and perseverance. At Palm View, I have meet both students and staff members who have impressed me with their positive attitudes, never-ending eagerness to persevere, and their enthusiasm for the concept of student achievement. Their dedication to student first learning has helped surpass the already high expectations that I held when I first joined the Palm View Staff. Every day I find myself beaming with pride, inside and out, as I observe in our Palm View Bulldogs, significant growth as both students and individuals as a result of their own hard work and determination and their teachers’ and parents’ dedication and commitment.

Palm View Elementary School

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